Operations Management

Training Program

Credential(s) Offered

Bachelor's degree and above

Method of Delivery

Online, e-learning, or distance learning

When offered


Instructional Program (CIP)

Management Science. 521301


Operations that meet or exceed customers’ and other stakeholders’ expectations are critical to both service and manufacturing organizations’ success. This is especially true in increasingly complex domestic and global environments. Realizing this goal requires effective leadership and management from those with operations-specific knowledge and skills. The Bachelor of Science in operations management program provides students the opportunity to develop competencies in operations management practices some of which include logistics management, workforce and performance management, quality and risk management, supply chain management, negotiation and conflict resolution, and data analysis and reporting. Emphasis is also placed on operations management as an organizational strategy and the ethical, legal, and socially responsible behaviors expected of operations managers. Throughout the program, students are offered opportunities to explore the application of operations management in different service and manufacturing industries, and they select one type of organization and/or industry as a focus for their capstone project. Graduates have practical, marketable operations management knowledge and skills grounded in industry-accepted theories and practices to help them enter and/or progress in a competitive job market, while building a solid theoretical foundation for potential graduate studies.




Entrance Requirements

High School Diploma or Equivalent


Southwestern College Professional Studies

WIOA Approved Program


Curriculum Competency Based


Training Location(s)


Local WIB

4 - Workforce Investment Area IV

Type of Attainment:

Baccalaureate Degree

Name of Credential

Bachelor's of Science in Operations Management

Type of financial aid offered or have access to

Federal Financial Aid

Refund Policy


Is the proposed curriculum currently certified by an accrediting agency or similar national standardization program?

Yes - Higher Learning Commission

Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for women?


Is this proposed curriculum considered a nontraditional program of training services for men?


Cost Items

Books (Estimated)

$125.00 per class (2022-2024)

In-State/District Tuition

$325.00 per credit hour (2022-2024)

Other Fees

$30.00 Technology fee per academic session (2022-2024)

Out-of-State/District Tuition

$325.00 per credit hour (2022-2024)

Total In-State Program Cost


Total Out-of-State Program Cost


Demand Occupation(s)

11-3071.00Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers
$0.00 per hour
11-1021.00General and Operations Managers
$0.00 per hour

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100 College Street, Winfield, Kansas 67156

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(888) 684-5335

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Oct 05, 2023


Oct 28, 2004


Apr 24, 2020

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