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KANSASWORKS is a website that provides free job matching tools and labor market, training, and education information to Kansas users. The site is made for four types of users: job seekers, employers, training providers, and Workforce Center staff. Job seekers can create resumes, apply for jobs, and search for training or education programs. Employers can create and manage job postings and search for qualified employees. Training and education providers can create accounts, apply to be included on the statewide eligible training provider list, and enter training program and training performance information. Workforce Center staff use KANSASWORKS to support job seekers, employers, and training providers in meeting their goals.

What Information Is Collected?

This Privacy Policy describes how KANSASWORKS treats personally identifiable information (PII) that is collected when you are on the website and when you use our services. We collect information from you in different ways and for different reasons.

Our Website and services are not intended for children under 14 years of age, and no one under age 14 may provide any personal information to us or through the Website or our services. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under age 14. If you are under 14, do not use or provide any information on our Website or on or through our services. If we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under age 14, we will delete it. If you believe we might have any personal information from a child under age 14, please contact us at

If you are a self-service user, when you create your account you provide certain PII such as your name, address, age, sex, ethnicity, race, citizenship, Social Security number, Federal Employment Identification Number (FEIN), or State Unemployment Insurance Number (SUIN). If you work with Workforce Center staff, they will collect more information, such as your eligibility for programs, employment and training goals, program performance outcomes, and job placements. Finally, when you use some of the site's features, such as creating a resume or job posting, we collect the information you provide to customize your experience.

KANSASWORKS automatically collects IP addresses and website usage information when you visit our site and may share this information with a data analytics partner. This helps us assess how our site is used, such as the number and frequency of visitors to each page and the length of their visits. KANSASWORKS collects cumulative data such as the number of job searches performed or the number of times a job posting is viewed. This data contains no personal information and is only used to evaluate site performance. Finally, the KANSASWORKS error logging system will collect your username with any error that occurs to help our technical staff resolve the error.

How Is This Information Used?

We use your information to better assist you in meeting your goals and to improve your experience on our website. We also use it to comply with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and other state and federal reporting requirements. Please note that due to these requirements, personal data are retained unless you request it to be deleted, or per state data retention requirements. Requests to delete personal data should be sent to Your request may be denied if you are a current Unemployment Insurance (UI) claimant or are currently receiving payments related to your participation in a workforce program.

We will not use this data for any commercial purpose.

Use of Live Chat

KANSASWORKS includes a live chat feature so that job seekers can reach out to staff for assistance. When a KANSASWORKS staff member is not available to respond to your chat, messages may be sent from an automated response system (chatbot). Any automated responses will be identified as computer generated. These computer-generated messages are not moderated by KANSASWORKS staff. You can verify any information provided to you by the chatbot service by submitting questions to

You may be asked to provide information such as your username, first and last name, or email address so that staff can assist you with your account. We will never ask for, nor should you ever provide, specific PII such as your Social Security number or date of birth. All messages to and from the chat agent are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption between each component of the communications path. Chat message histories will be stored and secured consistent with industry standard practices.

Use of Cookies

When using KANSASWORKS, we may pass cookies to your computer or mobile device. Cookies are information files that your web browser places on your device’s hard drive or temporarily in its memory when you visit the website. Cookies cannot damage your device nor can they read information from your hard drive. At KANSASWORKS, cookies are used to maintain your session as you move through our pages. When you visit our site, KANSASWORKS sets a cookie that works like an identification card (ID card). Every time you visit a page from that point on, this "ID card" cookie is sent back to us. We can then use this "ID Card" to customize the site to best meet your needs.

How Is Data Secured?

To protect the information that KANSASWORKS collects, we maintain industry-standard security measures such as the following:

  • Limiting the people who have access to our database servers;
  • Masking the display of Social Security numbers;
  • Using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to ensure that data passed between your browser and our web server remains private and secure; and
  • Using individual password protection so only you can access your account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password.

Remember that you also play a key role in security. When you are done using KANSASWORKS, log off and close your browser so no one can access your account. If you leave KANSASWORKS, remember that other websites have their own privacy policies or data collection practices, which may be different from ours. Review the privacy policies and data collection practices of those websites.

Be aware that if you voluntarily share information such as your username, email address, or messages from KANSASWORKS, it may result in unsolicited contact from third parties. Such activities are beyond our control. Also, if you send your information to an employer or recruiter, KANSASWORKS is not responsible for the retention, use, or privacy practices of that employer or recruiter. For more information on how you can protect yourself on the internet, read our Protect Yourself page.

KANSASWORKS may update this policy from time to time. If we make major changes in the way we use or protect your personal information, we will post a clear announcement on our pages. If you have any questions about this policy or would like to contact the KANSASWORKS Privacy Officer, please email us.

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