Youth Employment Specialist

at Kansas WorkforceONE in Garden City, Kansas, United States

Job Description


The Youth Employment Specialist is responsible for providing specialized support and guidance to youth with disabilities, with the goal of facilitating their successful entry into the workforce and promoting self-sufficiency. This role involves assessing individual needs, providing career exploration opportunities, delivering job readiness training, and fostering connections with employers who embrace diversity and inclusivity.


  1. Individualized Career Counseling: Conduct comprehensive assessments to identify each youth's strengths, interests, and vocational goals, and develop personalized employment plans accordingly.
  2. Job Readiness Training: Deliver workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions focused on resume writing, interview skills, workplace etiquette, and self-advocacy to enhance participants' employability.
  3. Internship and Work Experience Placement: Facilitate placements in internships, apprenticeships, and other work-based learning opportunities tailored to the interests and abilities of youth with disabilities.
  4. Job Development: Cultivate partnerships with local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies to create inclusive job opportunities and secure placements for program participants.
  5. Accommodation Assistance: Collaborate with employers to identify and implement reasonable accommodations and assistive technologies that support the success and retention of youth with disabilities in the workplace.
  6. Follow-Up Support: Provide ongoing support and mentoring to participants after placement, addressing any challenges they encounter and offering guidance on career advancement and workplace navigation.
  7. Community Resource Referral: Connect youth and their families with additional support services, such as transportation assistance, housing resources, health and wellness programs, and financial counseling.
  8. Data Management and Reporting: Maintain accurate records of participant progress, employer partnerships, and program outcomes, and generate reports as needed for funding compliance and program evaluation purposes.
  9. Advocacy and Outreach: Advocate for the rights and inclusion of youth with disabilities in the workforce and engage in outreach activities to raise awareness and promote collaboration among stakeholders.
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Posted On: May 14, 2024

Updated On: Jul 10, 2024

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