Layer Pick Operator (DMS warehouse clerk)

at DB Schenker, Inc. in Wichita, Kansas, United States

Job Description

Job Overview   The primary responsibility is to utilize a sit-down powered industrial truck with a layer pick attachment to pick product by layer for specific customer orders. This position will also require utilizing other powered material handling equipment, warehouse management system (WMS), and radio frequency (RF) equipment to load, unload, store, and retrieve food products. In addition to the material handling equipment, this position may also require the use of: propane tank, propane tank cart, battery changer, stretch wrapper, trash compactor, dock plates, trailer locking device, and other equipment as designated. All work must be completed in a safe, efficient, accurate, and damage free manner. This is done to meet customer orders/needs for food products.   What will you enjoy doing (duties/tasks)
  • Certification on material handling equipment: Completing Powered Industrial Truck (PIT)training with attachments and successfully passing the testing procedure and receiving PIT license/certification to operate the material handling equipment.
  • Utilizing Warehouse Management System (WMS): Successfully completing required training for the use of WMS, which involves the use of the radio frequency unit (computer unit with physical keyboard). The WMS requires being able to read and understand the English language.
  • Operating a PIT which could be a sit down with layer pick attachment, sit down with pull-pack attachment, sit-down truck with fork attachment, pallet jack, or rotation from one to the other: 1. Standing or sitting for long periods of time (up to 12 hours a day) in a mid-sized area. 2. Continuous and repetitive use of feet to control accelerator and brake pedals on a sit-down PIT; Using hand and wrist (in a twisting action) to control accelerator on pallet jack PIT. 3. Continuous and repetitive turning of a steering apparatus either the shape of a steering wheel (on a sit down) or a tiller bar (on a pallet jack), which requires some pressure to move. 4. Continuous and repetitive pushing and pulling of control levers (similar to car gear lever) on a sit-down PIT. 5. Climbing up into and down from the sitting position on a sit-down forklift. Stepping up to and stepping down from the riding position on a pallet jack. 6. Safely operating PIT equipment in a fast paced, high traffic environment that includes pedestrian traffic.
  • Picking product utilizing PIT with layer pick attachment in designated layer pick aisle.
  • Individually lifting cases from weights of 5 to 50 pounds on a regular basis, everyday (up to 12 hour day). Heights will be as low as ground level to as high as six (6) feet. 3. Picking requires you to lift, pull, push, and manipulate the product in many ways to enable you to get to the pallet and get the product onto the pallet. Continuously using a radio frequency unit during the assigned shift. This requires using a scanner, which is shaped similar to a handgun, with a squeeze type trigger to actuate. The radio frequency unit also requires using a physical keyboard to input information. 5. All picking requires controlled lifting, turning, and twisting from low and high places.
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Posted On: Sep 19, 2023

Updated On: Nov 30, 2023

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