Technician 5a-c Direct Digital Controls (4145)

at USD 259 - Wichita Public Schools in Wichita, Kansas, United States

Job Description

Technician 5a-c, Direct Digital Controls - (4145)

Position Function: The Technician is responsible to perform a variety of tasks on HVAC control equipment in the school buildings which may include, but are not limited to, ensuring customer satisfaction by identifying, analyzing, diagnosing and repairing DDC systems and components to prepare it for use during the school year. Help maintain the district's DDC system and monitor the buildings to maintain proper temperature for the buildings. Perform some programming, start up, commissioning and servicing DDC equipment, along with graphics.

Essential Performance Responsibilities

  • Ability to carry out assignments and perform excellent quality work with minimum supervision
  • Cooperate with other employees and maintain good public relations inside and outside of his/her assignment
  • Daily schedule may fluctuate to accommodate deadlines and delivery of services
  • Demonstrate outstanding qualities of efficiency, initiative and dependability
  • Display willingness to be trained in all phases of the assignment and increase his/her skills, thus qualifying for advancement
  • Help maintain building temperatures throughout the district
  • Help maintain school time schedules for special events Inform assigned personnel of current technical information and/or expertise, as well as providing for technical and other appropriate training
  • Maintain parts inventory
  • Perform work in a safe manner and report any hazardous conditions
  • Possess a work ethic that is strongly oriented toward both efficiency and customer service
  • Possess superior knowledge of procedures, materials and equipment utilized in the designated area while displaying good workmanship, planning, and leadership
  • Purchase material and equipment, observing purchasing schedules and regulation
  • Support the organizational goals, the mission of the School Service Center and the district
  • Work cooperatively with others and assist in maintaining open lines of communication
  • Work directly or indirectly under the Supervisor
  • Work with others, or as an individual, changing out bad hot or chilled water actuators and other control devices.
  • Must work with others to get control problems resolved with all mechanical equipment throughout the district
  • Work with others in the Energy Management department each morning by checking building equipment and temperatures throughout the district
  • Knowledge of the (3) main controls installed in the buildings. 
  • Responsible for checking the district buildings in the mornings looking for hot, cold rooms and/or downed equipment. Determine if it could be a control or equipment issue.
  • Responsible for the repair and replacement of bad value actuators, damper actuators, and control relays.
  • Responsible for checking and repairing DDC communications line breaks. They will also assist in changing time schedules.
  • Keep current on products concerning installation, operation, maintenance, service and repair of direct digital controls system.
  • Assigned work orders for equipment to be repaired and completed in a timely manner.
  • Assist others in the department when needed to help get a task completed.
  • Operate a computer with Windows and have a working knowledge of Trane Tracer summit, TAC controls and or Invensys controls.

Additional Duties Perform other duties and/or responsibilities as assigned by the Supervisor.

Equipment  The employee must demonstrate the ability to use various equipment assigned to the job position as needed. This position may require the ability to use iPads in addition to basic office equipment such as computers, copiers, scanners, and fax machine. Must always comply with USD 259's guidelines for equipment use. Use hand tools of trade and related power equipment. Other tools that may be used may include but are not limited to: electric drills, sawzall, ladders (6 foot, 8 foot, and 24 foot extensions), adjustable wrenches, single man lift, basic hand tools, power tools, and district vehicle.

Travel: Travel between schools and central offices will be required.

Physical and Mental Demands

  • Ability to perform all tasks and work the hours required
  • Ability to work indoors in extreme heat and cold and outdoors in inclement weather conditions including heat, cold, rain, or snow
  • Ability to wear proper safety equipment as required while performing the various responsibilities required for this position
  • Ability to work overtime on short notice may be required
  • Work in standard office, shop and school building environments
  • Ability to work in confined or high spaces; some strenuous physical work
  • Ability to work productively in stressful situations
  • Daily schedule may fluctuate to accommodate deadlines and delivery of services
  • Limited (0-1 hour): Crawling, lying down (back, side, front), keyboarding/ mouse, and high impact vibratory tools (bucking/ riveting)
  • Occasional (1-3 hours): Below the waist reaching, waist to shoulder reaching, overhead reaching, sitting, climbing/ balancing (stairs, ladders, others), operating foot controls, bending at the waist, kneeling, crouching (squatting), fine finger manipulation, and low impact vibratory tools (drilling/ sanding)
  • Frequent (3-6 hours): Standing, walking, rotation of head/ neck, flexion (head bend down & head bend back), twisting at the waist, and forceful gripping
  • Constant (6-8 hours): Total reaching, and handling/ grasping
  • Exposures to: Dust, odor, fumes, mists, gases, and chemicals (leak detector, hydrochloric acid, lubricants, PVC cement & primer, fire stop, Loctite (262, 515, & 620), cleaning solutions (including nickel safe cleaner, shiny-side coil cleaner), refrigerants (R-22, 134a, 404, 410 &407c), refrigerant oils (mineral and POE based), boiler chemicals (Chemsearch 585, CWT-92, Chemsearch 100 & MB 1000), compressed gas (oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, carbon dioxide & map gas), and propylene glycol.

FLSA Status:  Non-exempt

Work Locations:  School Service Center (SSC) 3850 N Hydraulic Wichita KS 67219

Job  Trades

Organization Direct Digital Controls

Schedule Full-Time

Shift  Day Job

Building Name:  School Service Center

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Job Posting: 12447164

Posted On: Mar 07, 2023

Updated On: Apr 06, 2023

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