DC Automation System Support Technician

at Creekstone Farms* in Arkansas City, Kansas, United States

Job Description


This position will be responsible for supporting & maintaining a new state of art Customer Order Fulfillment Center. This Customer Order Fulfillment Center will eventually handle the storage, inventory and shipments of nearly 100% of the daily boxed beef produced at Creekstone.


These System Support Technicians will be responsible for the following activities at the new Customer Order Fulfillment Center:
Ensure that all the Material Handling Equipment (MHE) is operating within the guidelines established by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) & the System Integrator (SI) and to ensure that ALL
Safety Devices and Safety Systems are working properly.
Provide support, troubleshooting, calibration, and preventive maintenance for all the MHE which is housed in a cooler environment (30 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit).
Conduct daily observations & inspections of all the MHE. This includes following up and inquiring with each of the key Creekstone Operations personnel regarding each major Sub-System to collect their thoughts and observations regarding how
the MHE is operating.
Learn how to correctly utilize & interpret the various WES / WCS / PLC / HMI & System Visualization Screens and Reports in order to ensure the daily “health” of the system:
Establish a daily archive of the base line reports for future reference and analysis
Scanner Read Rates
Various Sub-System Fault Reports
Planned and Unplanned Repairs
Replacement Part Orders
Hours of Operation Per Sub-System
Report to Creekstone Management any MHE that is not operating within the normal guidelines and receive direction on the required next steps to return the MHE to normal operations.
Work with Creekstone Management to establish the timelines and priorities for any repairs or corrective actions that may be
Interact with the various SI Support Personnel (Internal & External) regarding any planned or unplanned System Changes /
Repairs / Corrective Actions that may be needed:
Provide detailed descriptions of any problems that may be occurring
Closely collaborate with Internal & External Support Staff to determine when Hardware, Software, Mechanical, Electrical or Controls Changes can be made and provide SPECIFIC feedback to them regarding the effectiveness of these changes
Clearly communicate to Creekstone Operations when there is a need for a System Change and what the deficiency is and what
the desired result is from the planned System Change.
Accurately document and communicate operational test results.
Create graphical representations of daily, weekly, monthly system performance metrics & downtime.
Make timely recommendations regarding possible technical design or process changes to improve efficiency, quality, or
performance of the system.

The ability to learn, understand, troubleshoot & support advanced control systems, which are highly computer-driven.
The ability to learn, understand, troubleshoot & support the MHE that is made up of several parts:
The mechanical system
The sensing and actuation devices
The PLC control systems and the PLC software functionality (NOTE: No PLC Programming Experience is required.)
The WES / WCS Software functionality (NOTE: No Software Programming Experience is required.)
The ability to maintain and make recommendations to improve automated processes
The ability to work closely with several different engineering disciplines to effectively maintain and trouble shoot the new
system (Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, Software)
The ability to collaboratively “Problem-Solve”.
The ability to become a strong analytical thinker in order to effectively and efficiently solve day to day problems.
The ability to WORK SAFELY at all times per Creekstone Safety Standards and Protocols.
The ability to work at times without direct supervision.
The ability and commitment to provide excellent & accurate communication to all stake holders.
Basic to advanced understanding of the following;
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)
Photo Eyes, Sensors and Scanners
Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s)
Solenoids, cylinders, and airlines
How PLC’s & Computer Systems control per each major sub-system to effectively troubleshoot
How major PLC’s, Scanners, Smart Devices & Computers are connected in the Creekstone Ethernet Network
Bar Code Label Printers and Applicators

3 to 5 years plant mechanical maintenance
3 to 5 years plant electrical experience
Training in vocational school, related on the job training experience, or an associate’s degree preferred
Proficient with Microsoft Windows
Computer hardware and software troubleshooting a plus
PLC programming experience
Attention to detail.
**Positions available on 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift

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Posted On: Jul 13, 2022

Updated On: Feb 28, 2023

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