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About Kansas WORKReady!

The Kansas WORKReady! Certificate is a statewide initiative designed to certify a quality workforce and promote economic development in Kansas.

The certificate, powered by WorkKeys, a product of ACT, Inc. is a nationally recognized assessment-based credential that gives employers and job seekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills. The certificate denotes that the certificate holder possesses the foundational skills required to achieve success in the workplace. It is a portable credential, allowing job seekers and employers to use it anywhere in the nation.

There are four levels of certification: platinum, gold, silver and bronze. To earn a Kansas WORKReady! Certificate, individuals undergo testing related to reading, applied math and locating information through the WorkKeys skills assessment system. The level of certificate earned depends on the recipient's scores on the WorkKeys exam.

Testing sites are located in workforce centers across Kansas. Find the workforce center nearest to your location.

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