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Kansas WORKReady! Certificate
Instructions for Kansas Secondary and Post-Secondary Partners

The Kansas WORKReady! Certificate, signed by the governor, is beneficial to students in secondary and post secondary schools who are earning diplomas, degrees, or other industry certificates. WORKReady! Certificates indicate that students are prepared with basic transferable skills and are ready to learn job-specific skills. ACT verifies score validity for five years.

The Workforce Centers of Kansas are excited to be your partner in this initiative and will convey the importance of the Kansas WORKReady! Certificate to businesses, community organizations, and advisory boards across the state. We encourage educational institutions to:
  1. Educate their Advisory Boards and parent groups on the importance of the WORKReady! Certificate.

  2. Convey to students the importance of earning the highest certificate level possible.

  3. Provide business panel presentations for students to emphasize the importance of high skills and good work habits for career success.
To award your students the WORKReady! Certificate, please follow these steps:
  1. Print and sign the Non-Financial Agreement and fax to (785) 296-1404. You will receive by email the certificate template (front and back). Please include your school or college testing site and contact information on the reverse side of the WORKReady! Certificate in the space provided.

  2. Administer three WorkKeys® assessments, available from ACT, to students: Applied Math, Graphic LIteracy, and Workplace Documents. (For more information, visit

  3. Register students who are seeking employment or nearly ready to seek part-time or full-time employment on Contact a nearby Workforce Center for assistance with registering students. Students can register from any web-enabled computer at school or home. Student scores can then be included in the state database and employers will see WORKReady! Certificate status online as they seek to fill their jobs.

  4. After students are WorkKeys® assessed and KANSASWORKS registered, school/college counselors should e-mail student names, identifying numbers, and WorkKeys® scores to their local Workforce Center using the format below. Staff will enter students' WorkKeys® scores into KANSASWORKS.

  5. Last Name:________________________
    First Name:________________________
    Middle Initial:________________________
    Test Date:________________________
    Applied Math:________________________
    Graphic Literacy:________________________
    Workplace Documents:________________________
    Level Certification:________________________
    Last 4 Digits of SSN:________________________

    The Workforce Center will then provide the school partner with the appropriate number of paper certificates at the levels earned. The educational institution will be asked to print the certificates for their students. (A laser printer is recommended.)

    Certificates must be numbered. Businesses requested the numbers to check for authenticity. Numbers also reduce confusion in the case of duplicate names. The template provides space for 15 characters. The recommended numbering convention is the USD number or college abbreviation, year, and student identification number: e.g. 47508101, 47508102, etc, for USD 475, school year 2008, and the first student certified. Colleges can use GCCC08101 Do not use the student's Social Security Number.

  6. Use the template to print appropriate certificates for each qualifying student. The lowest score in any one category determines the level of certificate to award:

    • Platinum = scores of 6 or above on all three assessments

      Gold = scores of 5 or above on all three assessments

      Silver = scores of 4 or above on all three assessments

      Bronze = scores of 3 or above on all three assessments

    (Example: Scores of 3 in Graphic Literacy, 4 in Applied Math, and 5 in Workplace Documents means a Bronze Certificate is awarded.)

  7. Celebrate your students' success with a media event, Chamber of Commerce award, scholarship night, or other commemoration.
For more information, please call KANSASWORKS at (785) 296-3809 or Kathy Hund at (785) 296-0205.